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Gennev weekly webinars are hosted by Gennev Director of Health Coaching, Stasi Kasianchuk, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

Webinars are every Thursday, 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern unless otherwise noted. 

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On-Demand Webinars

Amy Schmidt Social postCANNONBALL-1

Learning to Cannonball with Amy Schmidt. Amy is inspiring women to change the narrative around midlife. It's not a crisis, it's an opportunity!

Meno Myths

Dispelling the Myths of Menopause. Gennev Director of Health Coaching, Stasi Kasianchuk, spoke with one of Gennev's menopause-specialist OB/GYN telemedicine physicians, Dr. Lisa Savage, on the myths that surround menopause and the truths we all need to know.

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Sexual Health in Isolation & in Menopause. For help navigating these waters, we asked back Dr. Laurie Mintz, licensed psychologist, "sexpert," and author on popular books on intimacy.


Community Support in COVID-19, Menopause, and Beyond. Gennev Director of Health Coaching, Stasi Kasianchuk, spoke with psychiatrist Dr. Swapna Vaidya about the importance of community during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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cc. Gennev Director of Coaching, Stasi Kasianchuk, spoke with the three women behind It's On Us, Corvallis, an organization linking restaurants, crowd sourced funds, and hungry people.

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The Business of Supporting Women. Gennev CEO, Jill Angelo, and Jennifer Ferguson, CEO of Handful, talked about the challenges and joys of starting and running a business focused on women.

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Introducing Gennev's Vitality Pack for Women. Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Wendy Ellis, and Gennev CEO, Jill Angelo, introduced Gennev's newest product: Vitality - a multi-vitamin supplement that promotes good health and helps manage menopause symptoms.

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The Workout for Michelle Obama's Generation. Barre3 studio owner and fitness expert, Robin Jones discussed how to move safely and effectively for all-round better health.

PPE social posts Rebecca

PPEs: How to Make Them & How to Wear Them. Gennev's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, discussed how to make a mask, what materials work best, and what they're really intended to do.

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