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Chief Medical Officer at Gennev

“We’re excited to deliver the Menopause Journey Map to help set expectations for women and offer predictive solutions for symptom relief, something that’s never been done before. In the future, we hope that this important body of work will lend itself to future innovations in women’s health.” – Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD, MCSE, OB/GYN, North American Menopause Certified, Gennev Chief Medical Officer

What's the Menopause Journey Map?

Now you know your Menopause Type, you can see where you're at in the menopause journey. Learn your menopause journey and get solutions you need to thrive.

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Gennev's Menopause Journey Map
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You're not alone in menopause.  If you've found the Assessment and Journey Map helpful in understanding your journey, we encourage you to share the knowledge with those in your life who are also going through menopause. Because with knowledge comes power, power over your body and your future.